28 June 2021

Fireside Chats (English)

Fireside chats is an online support group for people recovering from burnout. It is a group where you can connect with others and talk about the […]
27 June 2021

The creative route to recovery

Recovery. What does it mean to you? On September 16th, I am holding a creative workshop on recovery.  During this workshop, you will have various artistic […]
20 June 2021

So, where is your anger?

This is a question I find myself asking my clients on a regular basis. Clients who are suffering from depression or anxiety or burnout. I usually […]
29 May 2021


I spent the weekend reading a book that has me thinking a lot about grief. Even the word grief makes me feel feelings. It feels dark. […]
26 May 2021

How to write affirmations you can really get behind

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a personal growth junkie. And with any type of addiction (yes, even the healthy ones), overdose and systems of […]
25 April 2021

Parts of me

During my recovery I learned That I’m not one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional There are so many parts within me, not only the ones I created, but the […]
30 March 2021

Toxic positivity. It is a thing.

Toxic positivity is getting a bit of attention these days. And for good reason. But how can anything positive be seen as ‘toxic’? I define toxic […]
17 March 2021

What is happy?

My journey to recovery as told through the lens of 4 phases of recovery
8 March 2021

The advice I wish I had received during my recovery

Advice, advice, it’s all around.  “Are you burned out? Oh, is it depression? Do this. Try this. Buy this. It will help. All of it. You’ll […]