5 September 2021

You are not your label.

If recovery from mental ill health is a journey, then self-advocacy is the compass that helps you navigate your way through. Self-advocacy requires understanding all aspects […]
28 June 2021

Fireside Chats (English)

Fireside chats is an online support group for people recovering from burnout. It is a group where you can connect with others and talk about the […]
27 June 2021

The creative route to recovery

Recovery. What does it mean to you? On September 16th, I am holding a creative workshop on recovery.  During this workshop, you will have various artistic […]
20 June 2021

So, where is your anger?

This is a question I find myself asking my clients on a regular basis. Clients who are suffering from depression or anxiety or burnout. I usually […]
29 May 2021


I spent the weekend reading a book that has me thinking a lot about grief. Even the word grief makes me feel feelings. It feels dark. […]
26 May 2021

How to write affirmations you can really get behind

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a personal growth junkie. And with any type of addiction (yes, even the healthy ones), overdose and systems of […]
25 April 2021

Parts of me

During my recovery I learned That I’m not one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional There are so many parts within me, not only the ones I created, but the […]
30 March 2021

Toxic positivity. It is a thing.

Toxic positivity is getting a bit of attention these days. And for good reason. But how can anything positive be seen as ‘toxic’? I define toxic […]
17 March 2021

What is happy?

My journey to recovery as told through the lens of 4 phases of recovery